Supposed TY's from Meritline came in "Value DVD-R" packaging

My co-workers recently ordered some Taiyo Yudens from, but when they arrived, the discs were wrapped in packaging that said “Value DVD-R” on a big sticker on the side.

The discs do have the GG0000xx serial number, as well as an etching in the inner plastic ring of the disc, but they have weird air bubbles in the plastic as well that TY’s usually don’t have.

We’re burning one right now, so we’ll see how that goes. Any opinions on if these are fake or not?

The GG0000xx serial number proves they’re truly TY discs.

Like Two Degrees said, I believe that means they are legit. I can’t remember who it was on here, but someone emailed Meritline and they claimed that they actually open them up and check the discs, and that’s why they come in different packaging. I don’t know tho, I’ve personally never ordered from Meritline.

HERE is a link to their RESELLERRATINGS feedback Maybe someone has posted something about that packaging.