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This unusual amount of storage capacity is made possible by the combination of the two known methods used so far to raise the capacity. It involves first moving the tracks of the…

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My Plextor will burn up to 89 minutes with the 1.05 firmware…now I have to buy them to check them with the 1.07. Damn, it’s a crappy job but someone has to do it

Anyone interested in 800 megs of MP3?


Sorry, but you PlexWriter will only write 89 mins…
As well with the new firmware Version !

And disc4u has this information since some weeks …
@the cdfreaks team:
Always check out:
I know german …
But take a look …
Sometimes he is more actual !

But as far as …

cdfreaks rulez !

CU !


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Hey People
I have a plextor 4220 a old one
Does this one burn 90 min cd’s ???


What about ACER 4/4/32?


When the hp8200 could use a firmware fot to burn 80 mins cds???


Hey… I’ve got a HP8100i and it burn 80mins with ease!!


my Mitsumi CR-4804 TE can burn a 90 min cd fully including 99 min cd’s

and fully supported by CloneCD


Does someone know if this cdr are supported by YAMAHA recorders?


As far as I know the Yamaha drives are NOT supported. Most Plextor drives should work… I just got some 90 minutes cd-r’s so I’m going to test them on my Plex 8x 20x SCSI


Anyone know if my new Plextor 12/10/32a will write 99min cdr’s?


Yes !!! My Teac 55S is suppor
ted. That means more audio, less cd-r !!

mp3 here I come…


Tha Sentinel


I see what you all writing
& jealous My Sony (32x10x4)
Dont let me writ even 700 mb
only 650 mb

think about this!!


If anyone know where you can buy 800 megs CD-R in Montreal?


I have an LG writer (CED-8120B) who is supposed to write at 8X but I can only write at 4X cuz it always stops before 20% at 8X and the CD is wasted. I use Easy CD creator 4.0 and Windows ME. PLZ HELP ME!!! at


I got myslef a new plextor and the 90Min CD’s you can order online at but even with nero 5.5(the demo anyway) I have yet to break the 700Mb or 80 min barrier…YES I have set the overburning(which is supported) on in the expert features and STILL get nothing past 700Mb…any suggestions would be appreciated…