Supported media for 1008 (fw 0657)


anybody has the supported media list for BTC 1008 fw 0657? I had a look at the site, but I could only find the media list valid for fw 0758, and I am very unwilling to upgrade because the drive works fine. I would just like to know which +R media are supported at 8x writing speed.

Thanks for helping.

Here ya go. Supported write speeds from 0658 firmware:

+R/W Media Codes (87)
        /001/00  [2.4x, 4x]
AML     /001/00  [2.4x, 4x]
AML     /002/00  [2.4x, 4x]
BEALL P0/001/00  [1x, 2.4x]
BeAll000/P40/00  [2.4x, 4x]
CMC MAG /E01/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
CMC MAG /F01/00  [2.4x, 4x]
CMC MAG /F01/01  [4x, 6x, 8x]
CMC MAG /R01/00  [1x, 2.4x]
CMC MAG /W01/00  [1x, 2.4x]
CMC MAG /W02/00  [2.4x, 4x]
DATATRAK/001/00  [1x, 2.4x]
DAXON   /AZ1/01  [4x, 6x, 8x]
DAXON   /AZ2/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
DAXON   /D42/00  [2.4x, 4x]
DDDessau/V20/00  [2.4x, 4x]
DDDessau/V30/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
DT-D02  /02 /00  [2.4x, 4x]
DT-D03  /004/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
GSC502  /002/00  [2.4x, 4x]
GSC503  /H01/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
INFODISC/A01/01  [1x, 2.4x]
INFODISC/A10/01  [2.4x, 4x]
INFODISC/R10/02  [2.4x, 4x]
INFODISC/R20/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
INFOME  /R20/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
LD      /001/00  [1x, 2.4x]
LD      /S03/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
LONGTEN /002/00  [2.4x, 4x]
MAXELL  /002/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
MBIPG101/R03/00  [2.4x, 4x]
MBIPG101/R04/01  [4x, 6x, 8x]
MBIPG101/W03/00  [1x, 2.4x]
MCC     /001/00  [1x, 2.4x]
MCC     /002/00  [2.4x, 4x]
MCC     /003/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
MCC     /A01/00  [1x, 2.4x]
MEDIA ID/001/00  [2.4x, 4x]
MKM     /A02/00  [2.4x, 4x]
MPOMEDIA/001/00  [2.4x, 4x]
MPOMEDIA/040/00  [2.4x, 4x]
MPOMEDIA/080/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
MUST    /002/01  [4x, 6x, 8x]
MUST 002/   /00  [2.4x, 4x]
NANYA   /CHX/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
NANYA   /DR /00  [1x, 2.4x]
NANYA   /DRW/00  [2.4x, 4x]
NANYA   /RJB/00  [2.4x, 4x]
NANYASC /DRW/01  [1x, 2.4x]
OPTODISC/OP1/00  [1x, 2.4x]
OPTODISC/OP1/01  [1x, 2.4x]
OPTODISC/OP2/00  [1x, 2.4x]
OPTODISC/OP4/01  [2.4x, 4x]
OPTODISC/OR4/00  [2.4x, 4x]
PHILIPS /001/31  [1x, 2.4x]
PHILIPS /010/01  [1x, 2.4x]
PHILIPS /041/00  [2.4x, 4x]
Philips /081/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
PHILIPS /C08/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
POMSA001/0R /00  [2.4x, 4x]
POMSC001/002/00  [2.4x, 4x]
PRODISC /R01/00  [2.4x, 4x]
PRODISC /R01/01  [1x, 2.4x]
PRODISC /R02/00  [2.4x, 4x]
PRODISC /R03/03  [4x, 6x, 8x]
PRODISC /W01/00  [1x, 2.4x]
PRODISC /W02/00  [2.4x, 4x]
RICOHJPN/R00/01  [1x, 2.4x]
RICOHJPN/R01/02  [2.4x, 4x]
RICOHJPN/R02/03  [4x, 6x, 8x]
RICOHJPN/W01/01  [1x, 2.4x]
RICOHJPN/W11/01  [2.4x, 4x]
RITEK   /001/01  [1x, 2.4x]
RITEK   /004/30  [2.4x, 4x]
RITEK   /M02/01  [2.4x, 4x]
RITEK   /R01/01  [1x, 2.4x]
RITEK   /R02/01  [2.4x, 4x]
RITEK   /R03/01  [2.4x, 4x]
RITEK   /R03/02  [4x, 6x, 8x]
SENTINEL/W01/00  [1x, 2.4x]
SENTINEL/W02/00  [2.4x, 4x]
SKYMEDIA/R01/00  [1x, 2.4x]
SONY    /D01/00  [2.4x, 4x]
SONY    /D11/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]
YUDEN000/T01/00  [2.4x, 4x]
YUDEN000/T01/01  [4x, 6x, 8x]
YUDEN000/T02/00  [4x, 6x, 8x]

-R Media Codes (70)
3AM0201     /00  [1x, 2x]
AML         /00  [2x, 4x]
AN31        /00  [2x, 4x]
AN32        /00  [2x, 4x]
Auvistar    /00  [1x, 2x]
BeAll G00001/00  [1x, 2x]
BeAll G40001/00  [4x]
CMC MAG.    /00  [1x, 2x]
CMC MAG. AE1/00  [4x]
CMC MAG. AF1/00  [2x, 4x]
DATA TRACK  /00  [2x, 4x]
DAXON004    /00  [2x, 4x]
DKM_01      /00  [1x, 2x]
Dvsn        /00  [2x, 4x]
Dvsn A001   /00  [2x, 4x]
FORNEX101   /00  [2x, 4x]
FUJIFILM02  /00  [2x, 4x]
GSC001     /00  [2x, 4x]
GSC001      /00  [1x, 2x]
GSC001      /00  [2x, 4x]
GSC002      /00  [4x]
INFODISC-R01/00  [2x, 4x]
LD          /00  [1x, 2x]
LD01        /00  [1x, 2x]
LEADDATA01  /00  [2x, 4x]
LONGTEN 001 /00  [2x, 4x]
LONGTEN 009 /00  [2x, 4x]
MAM4XG01    /00  [2x, 4x]
MBI         /00  [1x, 2x]
MBI 01RG20  /00  [2x, 4x]
MCC 00RG200 /00  [1x, 2x]
MCC 01RG20  /00  [2x, 4x]
MCC 02RG20  /00  [2x, 4x]
MCI4XG01    /00  [4x]
ME 153      /00  [2x, 4x]
MEI 00V001  /00  [2x, 4x]
MUST 001    /00  [2x, 4x]
MXL RG01    /00  [1x, 2x]
MXL RG02    /00  [2x, 4x]
NANYA P1861 /00  [1x, 2x]
NANYA-JC001 /00  [2x, 4x]
ONIDTECH    /00  [2x, 4x]
OPTODISCK00 /00  [2x, 4x]
OPTODISCK001/00  [1x, 2x]
OPTODISCR004/00  [2x, 4x]
POSG04      /00  [2x, 4x]
PRINCO     /00  [2x, 4x]
PRINCO     /00  [1x, 2x]
PRINCO      /00  [1x, 2x]
PRODISCG02  /00  [1x, 2x]
ProdiscS03  /00  [2x, 4x]
PVC001001   /00  [1x, 2x]
PVCR001002  /00  [2x, 4x]
RITEKG03    /00  [1x, 2x]
RITEKG04    /00  [2x, 4x]
RITEKM02    /00  [2x, 4x]
SKC Co.,Ltd./00  [2x, 4x]
SONY        /00  [1x, 2x]
SONY04D1    /00  [2x, 4x]
TAIYOYUDEN  /00  [1x, 2x]
TAROKO-MX4  /00  [2x, 4x]
TAROKO-X2   /00  [1x, 2x]
TDKG010000d9/00  [1x, 2x]
TDKG02000000/00  [1x, 2x]
TYG01       /00  [2x, 4x]
TYG02       /00  [2x, 4x]
UME01       /00  [4x]
VANGUARD    /00  [2x, 4x]
VDSPMSAB 01 /00  [2x, 4x]
Yi Jhan 001 /00  [2x, 4x]

-RW Media Codes (24)
CMCW02      /00  [1x, 2x]
DAXON_RW2X01/00  [1x, 2x]
JVC/VictorT7/00  [1x]
JVC0VictorD7/00  [2x]
JVC_VictorW7/00  [1x, 2x]
MCC 00RW11N9/00  [1x]
MCC 01RW11n9/00  [1x, 2x]
MCC 01RW4X  /00  [2x]
OPTODISCW002/00  [1x, 2x]
OPTODISCW004/00  [2x]
PRINCO     /00  [1x, 2x]
PRINCORW0004/00  [2x]
Prodisc DW04/00  [1x, 2x]
ProdiscDVDRW/00  [1x]
PVCW00V00245/00  [1x, 2x]
RITEK000V11A/00  [1x]
RITEK004V11 /00  [1x]
RITEKW01    /00  [1x, 2x]
RITEKW04    /00  [2x]
SONY000000U9/00  [1x]
TDK401saku=3/00  [1x]
TDK501saku]3/00  [1x]
TDK502sakuM3/00  [1x, 2x]
TDK601saku  /00  [2x]

What does 0758 add? Is it worth upgrading from version 0054?


V0658 -->V0758

Added new media

1. VDSPMSAB 002 4x 6x 8x
2. TDK 002 4x 6x 8x

1. TTG01 2x 4x
2. TTG02 2x 4x (8x disc support to 4x)
3. ProdiscF01 4x (8x disc support to 4x)
4. ProdiscS04 4x (8x disc support to 4x)
5. POMSI002 4x (new add)
7. TTH01 4x (8x disc support to 4x) new add
8. VDSPMSAB 01 2x 4x


1. MCC-01RW11n9 1x
2. MCC-00RW11N9 1x
3. TDK401saku=3 1x
4. JVC/VictorT7 1x
5. RITEK000V11A 1x
6. RITEKW01 1x 2x
7. ProdiscDVDRW 1x
8. TDK502sakuM3 1x
9. JVC_VictorW7 1x
10. Sony000000U9 1x
11. Prodisc DW04 2x

1. 97 32 12 / 79 59 73 24x (new disc)

It’s nice to see a company continuously updating their firmware. I don’t know how HP or Iomega can stay in business with their sporadic or nonexistent updates.

Or it could be argued that some companies don’t release products until the firmwares are mature. :wink:

I agree with you

Is there such a thing with DVD? Will a “mature” firmware handle new media coming out?

Minor revisions to add new media are definitely a good thing.

The 1008 has had major revisions 52, 54, 55, 56, 57 and 58, which implies quite a bit of ongoing development.

From personal experience, HP never released 1 firmware release for their 7200e drive. it was not that the firmware was already mature. I was forced to move on when 700 mb discs came along, and the drive could not burn anything to them. There is constant development in media, and a drive without firmware upgrades will become a dinosaur before it wears out.

In the case of the Iomega, they never released a firmware for the drive, but the Plextor it was based on had several. It was complicated to get it to accept the upgrade- which enabled 32x audio cd reading- a major step foward.

All I’m saying is that a company that’s at least trying to keep their drive current and usable after the sale gets high marks in my book.