Support for the Plextor & SafeDisc2 matter!

I just posted the article Support for the Plextor & SafeDisc2 matter !.

Many people have mailed me about the Plextor problem, some succeed some not. This is right now a problem…

But I hope that XiT and me could solve all the problems. In order to do this in a…

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How about this new version of DiscDump which is supposted to be coming up ??? Will it not be able to beat this SAFEDISC 2 problem for e.g. the Plextor 16x burner ? WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED?

DAMN!! Now we’re all saying Plextor suck! Less than a month ago anyone and everyone who was clued up would have sworn by plextor. I think someone really needs to point out to plextor that although they are earning brownie points with the games companies by not supporting RAW mode they are likely to loose all their customers from it and at the end of the day the customers are more important.

Plz post all the comments now @ Plextor Board THX !

Couldnt a name list be good?