Support for NEC ND-6650A: solved

As far as I can tell, the NEC ND-6650A should be supported. However, when I plug in the one I have via USB (and it gets recognized by the operating system as /dev/scd1), then run the latest Linux/i386 version v1.52 of necflash, this is what happens:

% ./necflash -scan -v
Binflash - NEC version - (C) by Liggy and Herrie

List of supported devices:
Trying to query device /dev/scd0
device HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-U20N  HX12 unsupported
Trying to query device /dev/scd1
device _NEC     DVD+-RW ND-6650A 1.23 unsupported
No supported devices found

Why is it “unsupported”, due to the USB adapter, firmware version or what?

Edit: ah, so I needed to be root to access it. Sigh.

And now that I was able to access the drive, I also flashed it with Liggy’s bitsetting 1.43 RPC1 and all seems well.

My apologies for taking your time.