Support for *.cl4?



I am new to the CD Freaks forum and to DVD burning, but not to CD burning or the CD Freaks site. Most of the real techie stuff is beyond me, though.

I just got a new computer (Windows XP) and am setting it up with the software I need.

Until now I have used Easy CD Creator 4 to make my CDs. I know it’s really old, but I never felt the need to upgrade. But my new computer has a DVD recorder that this old program will not support.

I thought about jumping up to Easy Media Creator 8. However, Roxio is terrible about backwards-compatibility. They abandoned the *.cl4 format with Easy CD Creator 5, and have changed formats at least once more since then.

I have a lot of disc images in the *.cl4 format that I would like to keep, and I am wondering if there is ANY other program out there that supports *.cl4–perhaps a freeware program or something? It’s probably a long shot, but I thought I’d give it a try. I remember losing some stuff in the switch from *.cl3 to *.cl4–it’s a real pain.

As for the future, I will probably go the freeware route for my future CD and DVD burning needs. I’m looking around here to see what the preferred programs are.

Thanks for reading this.


CL4 file that is not an entire disc image, merely a compilation list that EZCD uses, similar to Nero’s compilation lists, or MP3 Playlists (PLS/M3U).

I am not aware of any programs that can use these though …

Have you tried loading it into Nero or an upto date EZCD?

Apparently “Acoustica MP3 CD Burner” supports playlists based on CL3, CL4 or CL5 from EZCD. I think they have a demo version … maybe you can convert them, the playlists only, not the audio files. :wink:

Or “Acoustica Audio Converter Pro 1.0

Another thought. Can you open them in Notepad?
What do they look like? Most playlists seem to be plain text files, and these can be editted manually, if there aren’t hundreds :wink:


If you go for a later version of Roxio I’d suggest 7.5 rather than 8. I’ve stuck with 7.5 as I didn’t like a lot of the V8 changes.


You’re right, of course–.cl4 is not a complete disc image. I’ve rarely made actual images, instead just using the .cl4 file to make Easy CD Creator burn straight to disc. The playlists wouldn’t be so important, except that they contain information about crossfades and delays (which I use quite often).

The current version of Easy Media Creator uses some other type of file. I’m pretty certain it’s not backward-compatible, though I’d love to be proven wrong.

Thanks for the tip about Acoustica. I’ll have to look into it. I wonder if it preserves that info on crossfades and such when it converts *.cl4 playlists.

I’ll also have to try opening the files in Notepad. (I’m not at my home computer to try that right now.)

If nothing else, I guess I can load Easy CD Creator 4 to access my old files. I just won’t be able to burn from there–I’ll have to recreate the discs with another program.

Thanks for your ideas.


Thanks for your suggestion, TimC. If I end up going with Easy CD Creator, I’ll keep that in mind.


If you install Ezcd again, be careful not to install the packet writing software.

Packet writing software makes things … not work.