Support DMCA Reform - Help pass HR 1201!

I just posted the article Support DMCA Reform - Help pass HR 1201!.

 This Bill is one that should  be of interest to anyone that has had a belly full of the RIAA and the  MPAA, with their continuing attempts to bury our right to Fair Use. The problem is,...
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Too bad I’m in Canada, I would sign the petition. As this would affect Canadians too, I’d think.

Speaking as another Canadian, DMCA should be completely overturned. Thankfully, the citizens of this country did REAL due diligence and when pressure came from south of the border to pass our own version, our esteemed neighbours were told two words NOT Happy Birthday. Fortunately, we’re not affected by DMCA now.
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I signed the EFF letter for Montana!

Message sent! Hope this act goes through !!! :X

Hehehheh! If you have Google Toolbar and use autofill it is even easier! :X

trust me guys, the RIAA and MPAA will do everything in their power for this bill not to pass.

Then we have to do everything in OUR power to get it passed.

Perhaps supports from other countries should sign this as well… the RIAA and the MPAA aren’t concerned about boarders.

heres you chance stop simply whining and do something