Supply&demand forum



Since we recently added a dutch forum with the title above I wondered if the english visitors feel the need to have the same?


Hmmm, do you really want me to reply to that one?

ok, I will…
Personally I am dead against it…

More elaborate reply upon request :wink:


I’m desperatly looking for a cheap DAP gear, so I’m very pleased with such forumitem.


guess not :slight_smile:


I might be able to help out in that. :wink:


A forum like that would be a failure, cos CDfreakers live too far away from eachother. You don’t wanna spend $30,- shipping for an old $50,- CD-writer, right?


I don’t know if they live to far apart robby but it do know that we have a lot of UK visitors :slight_smile:


oh I thought you guys meant software. Well I usually sell hardware like GF3 for $275 US


I’m getting the feeling that i’m in English class, Dutch ppl speaking English to eachother:) . Maar wat maakt het uit.

And what about UK visitors? The UK is even bigger than our li’l country, so they’ll have way more difficulties selling their junk. I paid attention to where ppl live, and I think that 9 out of 10 live more than 50km from eachother. I don’t think that putting sensitive hardware on the mail is the best option.


Yeah, it’s a good add-on for the board, it was here before but with other stuff aswell.

This way you can let us know what you guys got 4 sale, becuz if you don’t say something we can’t know it. And it isn’t necessary to post them by mail, if you live in the neighbourhood you can make a “blind date” to meet eachoter and deliver the requested stuff :wink:


Originally posted by UpTowN
oh I thought you guys meant software. Well I usually sell hardware like GF3 for $275 US

Nope, it is like a marketplace where people can sell and buy second hand hardware.

personally I am against it, for it will cause many problems concerning legality of the offered goods (are they stolen, defective or legal), not to mention stuff concerning warranty and legal liability when it comes to for example the payments…

To my humble opinion it is more trouble that it is worth… (am dead against the Dutch forum on this subject as well)


Well I think that settles it than…case closed…no supply&demand forum :slight_smile: