SuperWEB Sucks



Who in the Netherlands does got SUPERWEB??
I've got Superweb myself to but I'm not happy with it anymore. Because they blocked you from chatserver, online gaming, enz...
Who is mad on SUPERWEB too??? Reply and maybe we can do something about it. I'f I got more then 20 reply's whe are going to tell superweb that Online gaming and chat must be supported. So email me, ICQ me, Reply


Dutch forum heeft ook een I hate Superweb Thread…misschien kan je daar kijken of posten anders hebben wij in ieder forum z’n Superweb thread en das niet echt overzichtlijk.

Is maar een idee hoor




we all no that superweb sucks


I know superweb sucks!! I’ve had it since December 1999, but it does have some
advantages… I can surf the web in the morning for about 4 hours. and no telephone costs. But it is the pits if you try to get on at nite or during the day. Hopefully things will get better. Lets hope so