Supertracks aims to change your listening habits



I just posted the article Supertracks aims to change your listening habits.

Some new internet startup comes with a solution for streaming radio broadcasts:

The Portland, Ore., company Tuesday will announce a technology that transfers a large selection of music to…

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…about 800 megabytes of space on a user’s hard drive. Supertracks estimates it takes five hours for a user with a 56-kilobit modem to complete the initial download… <— 800 MB in 5 hours on a 56k6…YEAH RIGHT :4


Indeed ZiSE… I have a 56k connection here, because it’s all we have :frowning: But if I want to download 800 Megs it will take me about 800MB/5kps (that’s a bit too much actually) = 45 hours (at least)!!


56Kbit/sec = 5Kbyte/sec = 300Kbyte/min = 18Mbyte/hour --> 45 hours of download! +