SuperShredder: secure file deleting

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SuperShredder deletes your files securely. Could be handy if the BSA decides to pay you a visit.

When you delete a file from your…

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hmmm. just throw your harddisk out of the window…

What I would like to know is: how do those f*ckers (like the Business Software Alliance) recover data that has been deleted. Why I’d like to know that? Think it would be cool if I could do that too

I tried it on some files, but I’m still able to recover them using Ontrack Fix-it utilities (File recovery). strange… or must I first reboot before changes have effect

A very strong magnet does the trick too, or you can use a big hammer on the HD.

Or try format c: :0)


Metallica announced that they were aginst deleting of files.

Don’t let them in. They need justical papers and a police escort to enter your home or firm.

You can easily restore files from a disk that were formatted, fdisk’ed and then reinstalled. It’s still quite possible to find older/deleted files from previous install with either Easy Recovery (previously known as Tiramisu) or Encase.

You can also use the BCWipe utility.

BCWipe utility provides 4 ways to shred files:
-Delete with wiping
-Wipe free disk space
-Swap file wiping
-Files slacks wiping
And it can wipe directory entries.

There is an option to wipe according the U.S. DoD seven pass extended character rotation wiping (DoD 5200.28-STD).

After wiping your files with the option mentioned above, you can not recovere the files by any means!

You can download this program from this site, it’s freeware

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