a pay site?


If you click to the, it´s shows a pay site? Does anybody know anything about this? It use to be a supernova mirror.


It is a scam, just like, and a few other “mirrors”, the original .org actually directly said on there site they where scammers.
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Thanks, btw, will make an announcement on the 30/12. We should keep an eye out for what they have to say

This is my opinion only but
At a guess it will probably announce its going to be a pay site

dallshead that’s my guess too :frowning: only discredited the .com versions of their site, and as being a scam… The announcement will be about, nothing else.

It is my understanding the is an archive of the old files and a supplement of new as well, not a scam- but not sure if its worth 4.95 either… but it is a one time fee, so i couldnt see it being a huge loss (like those guys at who charge like 40)

anyone know what the heck is going on with i use it for shareaza and now it is been up and down for the past 15 days any clues!!! thanx is now a pay site…at least it´s back.

Here are the prices

1 Year membership @ $3.49/month (save 67%) - Best Value!
- Unlimited Downloads for 1 Year
- Unlimited Access for 1 Year

6 Month membership @ $5.99/month (save 25%)
- Unlimited Downloads for 6 months
- Unlimited Access for 6 months

3 Month membership @ $7.99/month ($23.97)
- Unlimited Downloads for 3 months
- Unlimited Access for 3 months

No. is a scam site.

The original site was www.suprnova.ORG without the E. The only site Ive seen not being called a scam in which is titled suprnova continued

What is the scam, and what is a “mirror” site. Thanks for the education.

The scam is that they will sell you access to a site that is free, while some of these other guys will have a real product.

Typed by me from the ORIGINAL.

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The big announcement about suprnova as posted on there homepage was that eXeem is going public in few weeks …
although i have been on a site today where the beta has been availible for download …

where is the site?

Site is here but its a closed beta so no entry to the downloaded program without a serial…
btw its going to be free but with adds

I dont mind ads, but if its spyware and ads (like in KaZaA) then it is a no-no.

I think eXeem will do quite well, it is like a cross between eMule and BitTorent:

no more torrents from… =(

eXeem is Pure Rubbish…I said before on many sites and I will say it again!!
Downloading vi bittorrents is comeing to an END…2005 will see the DeMiss of many file shareing programs…If Not All!!..It looks as if we gota go back the Warez way!

from the slashdot report on exeem, where they talked to a (the?) author

First, Exeem really isn’t an extension of Suprnova as the hype might have you believe: the connection between the two seems more marketing than anything else. Sloncek has been hired to promote their product as the heir apparent to his popular website, but his involvement really seems to be almost entirely PR. It’ll work obviously: my headline on this story mentions Suprnova, and so will hundreds of websites around the world in the coming days. “Yet another p2p app” would not create anywhere near the waves that “Successor to Suprnova Announced” will. I hope that people judge exeem by its own merits and not by its (clever) marketing.

Second, Exeem is pretty much what was rumored earlier: a blending of the tracker, the BitTorrent client, and decentralized indexing. It’s Windows only. It’s in beta now, and will be out at some indeterminate date in the future. It also has a rating and commenting system which appears to be somewhat rudimentary. It’s unclear to me if the rating system will be as useless as other attempts, and I think this is the critical thing: Suprnova succeeded because the content available on it was verified and trustworthy. Suprnova was as much the work of a few dozen editors as it was a list of torrent URLs. So far no other p2p system has achieved that level of accuracy. Exeem supports magnet sites which is a start, but not exactly p2p either. And did I mention that it’s adware?

Third, there’s a mystery company. Someone is paying Sloncek. He won’t say who, but there’s a history in the p2p world of secretive development. Since Exeem is to be adware, someday it will have a billing address, which means the legal issues faced by predecessors like Napster and Kazaa will be forthcoming, which is of course why we have a mystery company that Sloncek won’t talk about in the first place. We definitely haven’t heard the last of this.