Supernaturally possessed DVD files?

I have recently ripped a copy of a DVD to my hard drive. Everytime I tried copying it using DVDFab, DVDFab crashed almost instantly after detecting/reading the media.

I had assumed that it was because the media the DVD was burned on was third rate, so I simply dragged the files from the DVD Drive to my desktop (The DVD I was trying to copy was already a copy, hence no protection, hence the ability to simply copy the files from the disk).

So, I tried selecting the files from my desktop to copy onto a blank disk… and DVDFab crashed, the same way it had before when the files were on the disk, instead of my hard drive.

I tried checking C:\Documents and Settings*************\My Documents\DVDFab\Temp\ReportCrash, but it was an empty directory.

With all that taken into consideration, I ask you this; WHY?

Has the universe suddenly switched sides, and aligned itself with the very same $INSULT people that invent methods to stop people from copying DVD’s?

Or is there something I’m not seeing?

Not sure, but its probably the latter…

Oh, By the way, the files seem not to be corrupted… they play fine in nero showtime essentials.

Thanks for the help,

If you want to check and see if the dvd files are fully compliant, I suggest opening them with DVDShrink. Use the files on the hard drive. Shrink is a stickler for correct dvd structure. If it won’t open them, you got trouble right here in River City.

If they open in Shrink ok, then try burning to a disk using ImgBurn. Use good media and burn at something less than top speed.

I don’t see any reason to involve DVDFab in this process since the files are not encrypted.

Oh, By the way, the files seem not to be corrupted… they play fine in nero showtime essentials.[/QUOTE]

I hope you are talking about files on your hard drive. If that is the case, you got lucky.
Try to burn them using Nero.

Loaded Fine-

What options should I use for ImgBurn?

Screenshot reuploaded to tinypic- Link:

its easier to see on Tinypic.

If you have dvd-video files in a Video_TS folder, follow these instructions to burn to a dvd: