Supermediastore's "free shipping" scam

At quick glance, seems like a good deal: if you buy 200 units of their media,
you get “Free” Ground Shipping.

But Supermediastore’s Free Shipping . . . isn’t.


Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media Silver Thermal Lacquer 100 Pack:

Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media Silver Thermal Lacquer 200 Pack
(with “Free” Ground Shipping):

This isn’t just a single missprint, every brand has the same hike in
price-per-DVD for 200 units when “Free” shipping is included.

Guess they figure not everybody does the math.


I think that they are just promoting a spindle of 100 at the current time. I’ve seen free shipping for 2 spindles of 100 for $60 before. The spindle for 100 just happened to be on sale at the time being. I take the final price into account when I buy media and I even calculate price per disc after including the shipping fee and tax. If TY costs more than $0.40 cent per disc, then I wont buy it, if it costs $0.35, I might dependings on my on hand stock, if I am running low on TY then I would buy it at that price. And if I still have some then I would only buy it when the price is at $0.30 or less per disc.

A little hard to believe, ghetocowboy.

Take SuperMedia’s price on 100 +R 8X original TYs, it’s $39.99, exactly the
same as Rima, accaproducts, etc. so that’s not a sale price at all.

If you bought 200 units of these DVDs, you would expect to pay less than $80.

Certainly not SuperMedia’s price of $87.99, which is $8 more.

And someone that chooses 3 day select shipping really gets pinched.

Rima’s price for 200 units, including 3 day select shipping is $99.38

SuperMedia’s price for the same is $114.74

its not a scam, if you’re too dumb to not notice the price increase then its your own fault. they have to pay the shipping costs somehow

Just wait for the Sony 8x +R MIJ and Fuji MIJ sales. I would only use the online retailers for TY when Sony and and Fuji stopping using them for manufacturing.

They’ve done stuff like that all along. So does Meritline. They try to pull stunts on the unsuspecting. Stick with Newegg or Rima.

but the sales are usually still priced more than online! 15 dollars + tax for 50 spindle? no thanks, i’ll take shop4tech’s .26-.28 a disc with free shipping (thats with coupon of course)

That’s for an advertised 4x -r disc. I’ve given up on the -r’s and I like to know I’m guaranteed an 8x disc (and not be surprised that they sent me a batch). Actually, there were Best Buy and Staples coupons floating around at holiday time that discounted the sales price by 10-12%.

Let’s not forget the thrill of searching the shelves for a pristinely wrapped spindle that’s labeled MIJ! :bow: :bigsmile:

That’s not to say I won’t go the Supermediastore/Rima/Allmediaoutlet/Shop4tech route in the future.

Right now, I only order disks online if Amazon, Newegg or Bestbuy has a decent sale without rebates involved. There’s just too many good sales each week.

You just need to watch out for this, and you caught it so possibly they will be less inclined to try this in the future if people don’t fall for the bait. I never look at the sale crap, it is always the delivered price.