Supermediastore Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R

Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media 200 Pack in Cake Box with 200 Pack Paper Sleeves - Free Ground Shipping $69.99 = $17.50 a 50 pack not bad.

Not bad, but not the greatest either when compared to If you really need the sleeves though and trust the site then it might be a good deal.

do these TY DVDs have the bonding problem?

Never seen this problem from the unbranded ones from rima. As a matter of fact they have been of far better quality than the rebranded Fujis and Maxells (both MIJ) that I have picked up.

I have bought these from Supermediastore several times in the past and received prompt shipment of the media as described. I like the paper sleeves as they are handy when loaning/giving discs to friends.
Rima is currently charging 31.99 per hundred and with shipping (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area) and state tax this totals $75.02 for 200. The Supermediastore’s bottom line for my order was $75.15. I’ll pay 13 cents for 200 sleeves.

Why is it that the DVD+ is more expensive the the DVD-?

I have bought from them several. They usually post the media ID, so you know what it really is up front. These are:

Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden - Made In Japan
Media ID: TYG02


A good question. I have no idea why but the Taiyo Yuden +R (unbranded) always costs a little more than the -R. Another interesting difference is that 16X -R TY03 has been widely available for some time but 16X +R (again, unbranded) is not listed.
Could be that +R media is a little more expensive to manufacture. Just guessing. Anyone know the answer to these burning questions?

+R is better than -R, thus the higher cost.


I was going to say, that comment would get you into all sorts of flaming contests. Anyways, I say who cares. Both are good quality media, so just go with the cheaper one.


Per Rima-

The simple answer to the question - is that the -R’s outsell the +R’s by about 4 to 5 to one-

Purely Economics 1a-


-R are more widely used by 3 to 1. someone really needs to take their heads out of the ground. +R are not better quality, there are just as many crap +R media as their are crap -r media. it’s just a freaking format.

they were joking…

Joke? HOW could someone JOKE about this life or death matter, omfg I don’t beleive it…