SuperMediaStore DVD-R Media



Has anyone checked out these discs at SuperMediaStore yet?

(I’m considering getting the Pio Certified ones)


Best prices on matte finish 4x -Rs I’ve seen so far.

My burner (just ordered) is an NEC ND-2510A.

Thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:

         --- DeathStalker


At least a few here have reported excellent result with the ProdiscS03 from SUpermediastore.
Try to use “d3off” to make it $35/100. A steal if you ask me.
Hope it works great for you. Looks like after the current supply of 4x prodisc ran out you won’t see those anymore.


I haven’t tried either of the media that you listed but I’ve used a 50 pack of these:

Only had one that had a bad spot in the dye. I made a few coasters while getting used to my burner.

I currently have a 50 pack of these on order:

Hope these burn as good as the Lynkos did for me.

I’m using a BTC 1008.


i bought a 100 pack of the ones in the second link that you posted. at first i had some problems with my burner, nec nd-1300a, recognizing them but after upgrading to one of herrie’s firmwares they burn great at 4x. since changing the FW, i’ve burned about 20 of them with no problems. i don’t know if it will be a different story with your drive but the price is fantastic.


Linkyo is the parent company of SuperMediaStore - at least it’s the company and address on the shipping label.

I burned a couple of ISO compilations last night (with the Pioneer Certified ProdiscS03 discs - NEC firmware v2.15) - they burned fine at 4x, but I haven’t had chance to run a QC on them. (I HOPE they’re good, because I already deleted the source material ;c)

    --- DeathStalker


I bought this
It worked fine on an Apex AD-5131 and RCA DRC7005N DVD players if I burned in 2X speed with my NEC ND-2500A. If I burn in 4X, at times it would skip and pause on my RCA, but still would work fine on the Apex. It doesn’t work at all on my PS2 v1…it works sometimes on my nephew’s PS2 v6.