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Requested by jeff53404

The service was with no complaints

have purchased over 500 TYG02 from this [B]Super Media Store[/B].

The service was with no complaints
Wrong Price ? ( $0.37/A Disc X 100 = $37 with Free shipping $43 ??? $6 difference ??? )
it is not free shipping :a

Hey, guys… I realize this poll well over a year old, but I’ve been thinking about making my first purchase from and would like to see some more votes and opinions if any of you have made any purchases from them lately.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Purchase many things form the even ordered the wrong dvds one time and they took them back a lot of places would not.

i have brought supplies for the last 5 years from them and i have no complaints. compatiable ink, blank media, 14mm dvd cases. just make sure you get free shipping which usually arrives to the east coast in 6-7 days via ups.

Made my first order with them about a week ago.

Shipped right away.

Packed tight with peanuts.

Had free ship and good price.

I will deal with them again.