- Verbatim DVD-R's

Verbatim (94495) White Inkjet Printable 4X DVD-R Media 200 Pack in Cake Box Spindle - Free Ground Shipping $49.99

4X??? it would be a great deal if they are 8X because I love verb 8X, almost as much as ty 8x

What is the MID? From photo, looks like MIS.

How about Quality it is ?
I never use Verbatim Brand 4X before
Please tell me someone :bow:

I would normally expect Verbatim 4x DVD-R to be “MCC01RG20”. Back in the day (January 2005, approximately 2.5 years ago), these discs burned really well at 8x in my Nec 2500, Nec 3500, Pioneer 108, and Benq 1640.

After checking my records, make that 4x in the Pioneer.

Thanks for info HenryNettles :bow:

I dont know about the 4x but I get verbs from my local sams club. They have 16x + R Inkjet printable for $30.00 per 100 spindle. I have had only a 1 to 2 percent reject rate. However, I must add that I burn at 4x to maximize output quality. I dont know if my logic is accurate, but I figure that if a disc is rated for 16x by the manuf. Im sure that includes an allowable error tolerance. Then by slowing to 4x the resulting disc should be near perfect. The disc are made in taiwan. This is the cheapest price that I have found printable 16x verbatim. I cant match this price even on the net, especially after shipping is added in.