- Taiyo Yuden Premium

Taiyo Yuden Premium White Inkjet Hub Printable 8X DVD-R Media 200 Pack in Tape Wrap with 200 Pack Paper Sleeves (Premium Line) - Free Ground Shipping $67.99

Seems the - R flavored discs are the ones always with the good sales.


At $34 per 100 shipped and the sleeves thrown in = one hella deal for white inkjet hub printable-

As an example - Rima is $33 per 100 and another $11 for the 200 sleeves [I]plus[/I] shipping- eh!! :eek:

I agree it is a great deal…but I have no use for the sleeves nor the -R’s. To each his own…I just cracked open a spindle from Rima of the 8X printalbe +R’s. :smiley:

Yeah it looks like a good deal but to bad that I have sworn off using TYG02 discs
if they were just the +R T02 I’d be all over them. :iagree:

Nothing is wrong with -R, and especially it is TY -R. I predominantly stock -R anyway since I still treasure my old stand-a-lone DVD player with Farouja video processor player (I paid big buck for it, over 1k, and the picture quality, nothing surpass it unless it is a blu-ray HD or HD-DVD player) and most old players do not read +R even with bitsetting. Speaking of my stock pile of blank media, I would say I have 4:1 ratio of -R to +R