Supermedia White Printables

The Supermedia White Printables that I had ordered finally showed up. The ones I got were these:

The +Rs are AML001.

They print very nice in the Epson R200. The printable surface is very durable. I had to use a dime and a good deal of pressure to get it to start to flake off before being printed. After printing though, you can use your fingernail to scrape off the surface, a little too easily IMHO.

Only burned a couple so far, scans arn’t great, but not bad, but I’m using a BTC 1008 so it would be interesting to see how my scan would compare with a liteon. If anyone in the states is interested, I can burn one and drop it in the mail for comparision. PM me if your interested.

Why don’t you spend $5 more and get the ProdiscR02 from Acca???
Get more…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I had looked at these several times and wondered about the media id on them.