Supermedia, Verbatim 16X, 50 for $22 after rebate plus shipping

I haven’t tried these but for those of you who want speed these might do the trick. Sorry about the rebate. White Inkjet printable.

Chas, you an animal at finding all these online specials! I hope people are thanking your for your time and help. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again for the help with finding my Verbatim 8x DVD+R. :wink:

At that price, I wouldn’t buy anything less than Verbatim 16x because even a decent piece of furniture for storing books and DVD titles would cost more per GB. 2-disk DVD box with transparent front and back costs nearly US$1.

Comments appreciated guys.

Kenshin is right; it is fast approaching the point where storage is more expensive than media. That is why I went to bulk.

chas0039, in another thread there is the verbatim 16X inkjet printable at sams club for $41 per 100, no rebate, just need membership

linky? i can’t find it… unless it’s the Sam’s Club thing.

here you go: