Supermedia TYG02



im getting high jitter some how and i order 200 Disc :frowning: shipping it back is going to suck.

i always used 4X TYG01 but this time i decided i did not want to wait 15 min for each burn order my self DVD-R 8X and it appears i got bad batch.

anyways being getting 10.1% to 10.9% jitter on the TYG01 and now with the TYG2 it some times reaches 14%

what should i do keep them or RMA ?

burn on NEC 3540A scan on Benq1620
if i burn on Benq1620 i also get some results


BenQs have a long history of problems scanning TYG02s so you should see if you can find a Liteon drive to scan before you RMA. If the info above turns out to be correct, though, I would return them. At least media rate postage is cheap.


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Not a media issue. :disagree:

You’re only experiencing [B]how a Benq drive reports NEC 8X Z-CLV burns[/B].
I get the same with ALL media burnt @8X in my NECs (3540, 4550) and scanned in Benq (1640, 1650): higher jitter and higher PIEs in the 6X area of the burn. That’s life. :rolleyes:

Part of the problem is NEC burning in the 6X area, and part is the Benqs being picky with burns from NEC drives.

Don’t worry, these burns are OK.


question do i also return the ones i used to try to tweak my drive wasted like 15 trying to find the problem or i still have a few TYG01 should i stick some in random locations of the CAKE BOXES/spimdle.

this my first time im going to RMA media… :wink:


Have you read my post above? :wink:

Here’s another example, which shows the writing speeds of the Z-CLV burns: you can see that the “problematic” area is the 6X writing area.


:disagree: sorry i was typing my reply while u posted yours

so will a posible fix be burning the media @ 4X but even so i still report high jitter you know if the TYG01 had it not spolited me with 99% quality scores with 10% jiiter it wouldn’t bother me :sad: // im going to test right now @ 4X in benq.

i’ll probably keep them then.

update : well tried @ 4X in NEC first did a scan in benq looks good now this sucks if i want good scores i guess only thing to do is 4X burn i guess i should expect the same from benq. and it still bit of jiiter @ 11% for maximum but ill be happy with that :slight_smile:


In the NEC, not in the Benq! The “problem” (which isn’t one) is between NEC 6X/8X burns and Benq scanning. NOT with 8X burns “in general”.

Really there is no reason to consider it an issue. As I mentioned above, all my NEC 8X burns show similar figures in Benq scans, though the PIE increase doesn’t appear in LiteOn scans, and the jitter increase doesn’t appear in Plextor scans. Get my point?

If it makes you feel better, just burn your TYG02 @8X or even @12X in your Benq 1620, the scans will be nicer than when burnt in the NEC. But don’t expect 99% QS and <9% jitter for all burns, these are extremely high standards to say the least. :wink:

When scanning NEC burns in Benq drives, just forget about this jitter and PIE reporting.
Good luck


How do you know this? Did you finally cave in and get a Plextor drive, or have you determined this by sneeking peeks at NEC burned discs scanned by Plextor drives and posted by others here on the forum?

I can confirm that 6x and 8x burns in my NEC 3500 and NEC 4551 drives show absolutely no increase in jitter or PIE/PIF in the 6x burning region of the Z-CLV burn when scanned in my Plextor PX-712 drive. In many cases the jitter and PIE actually drops significantly from the 4x to the 6x region!

That’s not the same as saying that the problem cannot exist, or that the Plextor scan is 100% right and the BenQ scan is 100% wrong. :disagree:


This is a great forum - does it answer your question? :wink:

That’s not the same as saying that the problem cannot exist, or that the Plextor scan is 100% right and the BenQ scan is 100% wrong. :disagree:
Of course not. But I’m pretty sure that Benq scans of NEC Z-CLV burns are to be taken with a… er… handful of salt ;), as they’re the only scanners to report such strange PIE and jitter figures from these burns (AFAIK). Frankly, if there is some truth in what the Benqs have to say about NEC burns, I can start to seriously worry about my discs. :eek: (brrrr…) - half of my collection has been burnt with NEC drives!

Anyway here it’s most probably not a media issue, and the important point is that [B]@ATT-Half[/B] shouldn’t put too much trust in these scans above… so it would be better to discuss more “advanced” scanning aspects in a more relevant thread. :slight_smile: (always a pleasure with you around! :cool: )

[B]@ATT-Half[/B]: have you already tried to burn these @8X or 12X in your 1620 and perform a scan? :slight_smile:


after wasting 5 more DVD oh my god lol i figure out what was making my drive 8X to 16X burns lasting 17 to 18 minutes damm WOPC :a it was like hell on earth wating that long .

ill report back with scans in few:

im back
well even when i choose 16X from the burning option it only burn @ 7.8X it took 7 minutes to burn here the scan looks good :iagree: ?

is that error normal with WOPC disable ?
when i use hack firmware sometimes CD-DVD test it also gave me those types of errors i will think is normal correct? the ISO i burn was 3.69GB

(im almost half way the spimdle :eek: ) i got so many copys of the same DVD.
im glad now i think im relief there good TYG02, unless the scan is lying to me :cop:.

i guess my favorite DVD-R burner will now be benq 1620 what to do with mine NEC :slight_smile:


here it is with WOPC on

little different but ok in my book :slight_smile: jitter scores are sweet now