Supermedia Taiyo Yuden New Cases?

Anyone noticed that Supermediastore has like new cases for TY discs? Do you think the quality could be better then the premiums that come in just the tape wrap? Has anyone tried them?

Here are some links to the discs I’m referring to:

8x DVD-R Premium Inkjet Printable.

16x DVD-R Premium Inkjet Printable.

On the cover, it says Microboards, isn’t that the company that distributes TY in the USA?

First I’ve seen that come like that to bad they are TYG02’s and TYG03’s I’ve
sworn off using both of them after the last batchs of 02’s and 03’s -R’s that
I have tried to use because they burned like crap. :Z

Hmmm nice, very tempted to grab some of the TYG03’s but damn $47 per 100…

This link has it for about $39 per 100.

300 Discs $117

Still too expensive though for me.

Given the last few 100s of MCC 004s I got for $15 per hundred it is hard to be swayed by TY anymore.

Very true but I don’t see a lot of full face injet printable 16x media around these days

I just might bite on the 300, if they don’t burn so well I can always off load them on flebay, those 25 packs should sell pretty easily

Given the price difference of 24 cents for printable, I am very glad I never decided I like printed discs. That is a huge premium.

Yeah it’s an extra cost for sure, thank goodness 90% of my burns are non-printable.

The 300 deal is the only OK deal at $20 shipped per 50 but I don’t need 300 hehe