SuperMedia or SuperCrapia

I just bought this media from Newegg,

Can someone tell me if this is the G media or good media to buy in general, or did I just get duped?

Thanks alot.

First post, hey all

You should have no problems with this media as long as your drive is happy with them (most drives don’t have a problem).

It is RITEKG05 media, which is considered to be reasonable and quite durable. It isn’t as good as Yuden or MMC media, but still a good step above low quality media. Cheap and cheerful would be correct term.


I have burned alot of these Ritek 8x -R’s and not one coaster on both my NEC 3500’s-

You should be good to go-depending on your burner (some say they don’t do so well on Sony/LiteOn drives)-