Supermedia and Liteon 411s/811s

Has anyone had any experiece with this
media when using a 411s or 811s because Im thinking about purchasing it because the price is right. Also doe anyone know about its compabtibility with a PS2 or Philips stand alone player? Thanks in advance for any input.

This media is much better for a few bucks more

agree with wittangamo…

If you have the media code of those discs I may be able to tell you more - probably it is low quality discs.

Well, I have to disagree about the Ritek G04 DVD-R 4x discs for the 411S. I purchased a spindle of 100 and get marginal burns on this media. Although I can burn .iso DVD images to the media, I cannot create a fresh DVD-Video compilation and burn it directly to the media - it ends up creating a disc which hangs. And I regularly end up with PI MAX numbers in the 300 to 400 range (very marginal).

I found some Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R discs for $1 each. I’m going to give those a try, as their PI and PO Max numbers are far better than this Ritek G04 media.


Experiences and systems vary, and discs with the same media ID can be inconsistent between brands.

But I can tell you with my 401S@811S with HSOP firmware, using DVD Shrink 3.1.4 and Nero, those Ritek G04 discs I linked give me a PI max of 30-40 with single-digit averages and clean scans with DVDInfoPro and Nero’s speed tool.

Let us know how your TY burns turn out. If you have similar numbers with those you’ll need to find something other than media to point the finger at.


That’s very bizarre, because I bought the exact same discs that you referenced earlier in this thread and have horrible luck with them. I’m not running the same firmware revision you are. Since I’m new to this, I can only assume that the 401S@811S means you are somehow flashing your drive to make it think it’s an 811, allowing the possibility to burn at 8X or -R media with the HSOP firmware. Is that correct?


Anyway back to the topic.

I have wondered about these disk also. That site use to sell Sonix DVD-R and DVD+R at the same price. I’m guessing those could be the Sonixs. The DVD-R were AN32, but I never ordered the DVD+R. I had major problems with the DVD-R and never got a chance to try the DVD+R.


I tried some cheap Sky Media AN32 and got some coasters and some discs that would play but had high errors.


Yes, I used the Zebra V4 mod which you can find discussed in several threads here. It doesn’t work for everyone and there is some risk involved, but a number of us get better results with an 811S than a 401S or 411S.

If you want the particulars, visit the forums at