Supermedia 28cents per blank, free shipping

Hello friends:

Supermedia has a 100 pack of 4x Optodisc DVD+R for $28, free shipping.

Now I see they have a Ritek 8x 100 pack at 33.99 after a $12 MIR.

Optodisc isn’t going to send chills down your spine over it’s scans, but it’s been fair and stable over the 80 I’ve burned (BenQ 1620), not one coaster, and played in an ancient Yamaha that requires DvD-Rom booktype.

If you’re looking for cheap 4X, Supermedia delivered these UPS ground in good shape. It came as two 50 packs.

They have Prodisc, which may be a little better quality, at $26 for 100, but shipping tacks on about $7 to Florida.

Supermedia had some bad press in the past, but I thought that since they delivered a well packaged “as advertised” special, it should be noted where others might find interest.


Have always had good service from SuperMediaStore - but I would not buy Optodisc for $.01 with free shipping - just too much potential for bad burns - data loss - storage problems to waste any time on them-

Been having some pretty good results from the Prodisc 8x -R’s (F01) in my movie burns and they are definitely AZO dye-


This becomes curious to me.

I’ve had very stable results from Optodisc; not great, but certainly acceptable results (+R 4x only).

Prodisc has been recommended to me, also, but I’ve read posts here that complain the quality of Prodisc varies widely. I’m not all that confident in any of the Taiwan makers anyway, but so far the Optodiscs have treated me well enough for the price.

However, the moment I see a few coasters I’ll be happy to change my mind!

Some of the Prodisc scans look quite excellent. I almost bought some, but I had only $29 free at the moment, and I had to choose between 50 or 100, so I went with a choice that had demonstrated good results.

It is entirely possible, too, that I’ve simply been lucky to pick up a good batch. It really is hard to tell from a sample of 150 discs.


A lot has to do with where you buy the stuff-

Me - I ONLY buy my Prodisc from Rima ( or SuperMediaStore (
Have not gotten a bad batch yet-


If you need media in a pinch, the prodiscs at are good. I personally wait till the fuji or TDK (both MIJ) go on sale at Best Buy. That way I get TY T02 media for the same price. My .02. :slight_smile:


Just got Verbatim 8x -R’s in 100 cakebox for $30 shipped after $30 MIR from:

Now that is a great price on some great media-