Supermedia 16X DVD+R $34 free shipping

Does anyone know the media code on these?

I might get them anyway just because they are so cheap.


They do not say who the manufacturer is or what the mid codes are-

I personally would steer clear of these - at least until one or more of out fellow freaks tries 'em and tells us some more info about them-eh?


I’m guessing some Prodisc media code, given that the Supermedia 8x -Rs are Prodisc-made (with MCC code actually).

Sounds like a reasonable guess, but given my experience with Prodisc-made Verbatims that are MCC003, they have above-average PIE values/totals, but very mediocre at best PIF totals. They are generic disks with a ‘generic’ listing and I can only say that for me, I wouldn’t buy them unless I knew a few Freaks had done so, provided the media code and at least 5 scans each to show their performance is dependable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering all the knowledge I have gotten here I figured I would get some and test them out, if I take one for the team so be it :slight_smile:

I will post back with some scans from my BenQ and LG when they come.

^Is A True Marine-eh?

Got my 16x Supermedia today.

Media code is CMC MAG M01, I will post some scans later on if I get time.

I have seen other scans and they look pretty good, 100 for $34 shipped I think I will keep them :slight_smile:

$6 more you get guaranteed TY at retail shops under sony/fuji brand if you pick MIJ spindle of course. Why play guessing games, even prodisc media aren’t that great if you get prodisc

It didn’t matter to me because I wanted some CMC, Prodisk or Richo 16x just for testing.

Your point is well taken though.

I am plenty stocked on MCC and TY’s + and - media.

For testing? then wait for the price to go down even more because I do not think it is a good deal since media are very cheap these days

Yes $.34 a disk is not a deal but hey it’s a hobby so don’t be so hard on me, besides I will sell 1 sealed 50 pack on
eBay and make most of my money back like I usually do. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth here is a scan…

That’s a pretty good burn.


Yes - that is a good burn - however you should run the test at 4x to get the most accurate readings - but otherwise it beats most others out there-


actually, the 8x scan is the default for BenQ. I think the defacto scan speed for NEC is 5x, just as a FYI. LiteOn is 4x…

Here is a burn from my LG at 12x and a Burn from my BenQ at 16x.

Both finished at 5 min 55 seconds. Nothing special just thought I would share the results.