Superman Returns Problems using anydvd and clonedvd2

Hello Everyone

Im new to these forums, but have been reading them for a while. i just wanted to introduce myself first.

I have made quite a few backup copies of different movies I own, but when I tried to make a backup of Superman returns i get the following error after the dvd writer finishes. The source is too big or the source file is too large. What does that mean? Something to that effect. I get this message right before my dvd writer starts to write to my blank dvd. Now I removed all the sub titles and unwanted audio and I still can’t get into the green using anydvd and clone dvd2. Could some please tell me the settings they are using to make a great quality backup of this movie. Any help would be great thanks.

you need to compress the movie

start any dvd and clonedvd2 as usual
on clonedvd2
start up in ““COPY DVD TITLES”” mode
browse to your dvd-rom
set the quality tab to DVD -5
deselect all extras, keeping only one main title
hit next
keep one sound track and subtitle
deselect all the other audio and subtitles,
hit next
select "“DVD Files”"
enter output path
hit GO
this will rip your title to hard drive and output will be 4.35gb, the max that will fit on a regular blank dvd disk

when rip finished
use clonedvd2 to write to your media

Well what kinda media are you burning to is it a single layer or dual layer media? I would advise if you want to make 1:1 backup of superman return to use a Dual layer media and if not select the dvd+5 selection on clonedvd to compress from dvd+9 media to dvd+5 media.