Superhero Movie Extended and DVD Shrink



Any DVD did NOT see structural protection and other encrypting methods in Status in version Only when disc was LOGGED to file using heuristics did it show. A backup with DVD Shrink was a jerky coaster. The disc I had MUST be copied to HD before processing. Superhero Movie Extended Edition, Region 1, '08, XP SP2. Running Any DVD in default settings. Copying DVD to HD allows Any DVD to properly read and repair the disc. I know! I should ALWAYS copy to HD, but sometimes I don’t, I guess many others do not either unless a problem arises! I have not installed beta just out on account I am doing some work and do not want to reboot yet. I ALWAYS reboot on Any DVD updates even if not prompted. Logfile attached for those who wish to view. J. R. ;- )


There is no structural protection in the IFOs. The heuristics must be wrong. The DVD can probably be backed up without any special decrypter.



It made a skunky backup from the disc…only when ripped to HD did the backup succeed.

RCE protection not found.
AI scan forced, heuristic scan detected no protection!
Found & removed structural copy protection!
Found & removed bogus title set(s)!
UDF filesystem patched!
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 3 potential bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

THAT was enough to booger it up!


I note a thread in the DVDFab forum where the OP also claims to be having problems. Might be something else there. Hope it works for you.



Thank you…I found ripping to HD with latest stable Any DVD removed the protections. THEN used DVD Shrink to back it up. The initial read of the disc in Any DVD Drive Status did not reveal the protection, but Any DVD ripped to HD and found the additional encryption and structural blocks and logged them in the logfile. Worked for me. Never seen a different read of discs before this one. Weinstein Company label. I expect to see more of this!


Download Nero DiscSpeed and with AnyDVD running in the background with its settings set to default run a scan on the disc. If you get some red or yellow blocks in the scan chances are the disc is bad or your drive is dying.

Also, I know you hate restarting but you it would be better to download the latest BETA,


Any DVD does just fine when right click on Icon in task tray and rip to hard drive, cleaning the structure as it rips. I do NOT believe there are so many bad discs as more structure hoops to jump through! Many times an update to Any DVD clears up what was showing as ‘‘bad disc’’. Thanks, J. R. ;- )


Still, could you try it please?