Superbit editions

Has anyone transcoded any of the Superbit edition DVDs, these are the discs that only have the Movie and Audio Encoded at a high rate and don’t carry any extras on the Disc,

I wondered if they were still good quality when Transcoded to fit on a 4.7GB disc? as they are cheaper to buy,

I’d be interested to hear about this.
On the face of it, the copies should be better than usual as they are taken from higher quality sources. However, this may not be the case and the compression necessary to make them fit onto a DVD5 may impose its own quality ceiling.


Thats what was going through my mind, if they are Encoded to a smaller size at source then they will probably be better quality than Transcoding them on my home PC, anyway I decided to buy the normal (MIIB) edition even though it was more expensive,

I am also on my Fourth Store bought copy of Pulp Fiction, after about 6 months they just stop playing and show a discoloured stain across the disc, this has never happened with any other movie (I should’t tempt fate) only Pulp Fiction!

You’re confusing me:)

My understanding is that they are not encoded to a smaller size. Quite the opposite: they are encoded to all the size they can get (on a DVD9) by setting the bitrate in the upper limits of the spec.

You say they are cheaper, but then comment that the MIIB edition was dearer. Was the MIIB version you got superbit? If not, why mention it?

I certainly can’t understand how Pulp Fiction (presumably the superbit version?) failed three times! Did the store have anything to say about it? Had anyone else suffered this problem? Another question that teases me is ‘does the stain appear after so many plays, or after so much time’?

Sorry if I misunderstood your intent, but like I said, I’m confused.


this movie come in 2 dvd’s. total movie = 11.8 gb
original movie: 4:11:00 hours
english only
no subtitles

I put together the 2 dvd in one and used CLONEDVD
results: some scenes with a lot artifacts. I used Dvd2One also and the results was worths than Clonedvd.
I Split the movie en 2 dvd’s, 2 hours and 2:11 each dvd
and the results are just perfect. Clone Dvd

Sorry About my English.

@Peter McCall

yes I am confusing you :slight_smile:

I was going to buy the Superbit edition of MIIB but then I thought that the other version (with the extras) is Encoded smaller at source so will need less Transcoding to fit on a 4.7 disc, I bought the Smaller version for more cash instead of the larger Superbit version for less cash (hope that clears that one up) :slight_smile:

the Pulp Fiction is not Superbit and I only mentioned it in passing to save another post (which it didn’t) :slight_smile: and the three copies that have gone south on me have all happened after around 6 - 12 months, they look perfect no scratches (as do all my discs) but they no longer play on anything, the only thing visible that might be causing the problem is a very subtle discolouration in the shape of an offset oval across the disc, this wasn’t there originally, I know because this also happened to the other discs so I made sure this wasn’t on the last DVD, the discs are Gold pressed and the version I just bought is a silver pressed disc so hopefully it won’t happen again,

I just find it strange that it has been the same movie 3 times.


I didn’t realise the Superbit editions were that large! I just thought they would fill a 9 GB DVD

@everyone else :slight_smile:

the Pulp Fiction I just bought (again) wouldn’t play in my DVD PC drive it said:

TheTV Out port of your display card is not working properly.

This copy protected disc can not be played when the TV out function is enabled.

but after ripping with DVD Decrypter it works perfectly, yet another reason to back your DVDs up :slight_smile:


Of COURSE it looked terrible. You’re trying to squeeze down an 11GB movie into 4.3GB? Yikes! Holy guacamole! Were you trying to cram extras in there too?

The fact that it looked good on 2 DVD-5’s is indicative of the quality of CloneDVD. :slight_smile:


I’d go apeshit on the store. If I bought a DVD and it went bad, I’d go back. Don’t tell them you bought it a year ago… tell them you bought it “recently” but outside the 15 or 30 day return period, and ask them what they’re going to do about it.

9 times out of 10 (if it’s a big store like Best Buy or even a smaller chain store like Suncoast) they’ll swap it for you, or meet you halfway on it.

I’ve NEVER had them just shoot me down on a bad disc (not that I’ve had more than a couple!) before.

As for SuperBit… it’s immense. They crank the quality WAY up to the upper limit of the DVD spec. Yes, usually they try to fit it on 1 disc, but if it’s more than a 2-hour movie they’ll span it to two in order to maintain the high bitrate.

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There are no extras on the superbit editions.