Superb Leather Shoe Products in Italy

I don’t really fancy on leather shoes. I only have one pair here which I seldom wear–I’m more of a sneakers fan. I don’t know, maybe I just can’t imagine myself wearing these expensive footwear.

Superb Leather Shoe Products in Italy

Ladies are guilty of uncontrolled shopping extravagance, often burning their husbands’ credit cards with tons of purchases of shoes, bags and accessories. While boys are more liable of philandering, women can’t seem to get enough of hasty buying. Yet, boys can still become amazed not by adorable ladies but by sleek, Italian leather collection…

I have … one pair of sneakers … three pairs of black leather work shoes (one pair retired & one pair spare cos they were 1/2 price).
Also pair of thongs & one pair of sandals.
The work shoes get the biggest workout. Second is the sandals.

None of them are handcrafted italian leather … because

  1. Italian leather is expensive
  2. A casual Italian employee that gets paid a decent wage … is asleep Mondays & anxious to get out on fridays … so there is a massive variation in quality. You just don’t get that problem with shoes by chinese slave labour production.

My 10 dallar shoes form walmart are just fine my shoes that cost alot just set in my closet gathering dust.

But I must admit though, even though I am more of a sneakers person, it feels so good knowing that I’m wearing a very expensive sneaker.

I prefer boots…best are made in Australia by prisoners for the farm workers and cowboys…brand name R.M. Williams. Unbelievable quality…last for years, feel good. The range has been extended to include city-style options nowdays and the price has gone up to match.
Or my off-road bike shoes…

I hate shoes.
I prefer barefoot … with a grudging vote for thongs (flip-flops for the yanks) or sandals.

Expensive shoes are a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Form over function? rotflmao.

I do draw the line at cheap shoes though.
There’s no substitute for protection, comfort, or lastability than wearing part of a dead cow’s hide :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a whole heap of people with bunions that will testify that acrylic/plastic shoes never did them any harm :stuck_out_tongue:

Leather…Aussie boots to boot! To boot bunnies…!
Well…just so you know, here you go…

And…while we are modelling shoes…
this one is for evilboy…my Chucks…