Super Video Cd (svcd)



I am only new to the video cd and found it is a cheap way to burn movie clips without a dvd burner. However i burnt a normal Video CD(VCD) and the quality was very poor. I would like to burn movies clips using the *SUPER Video CD but its telling me i need a MPEG2/SVCD plugin. On the Nero website in the downloads section the is a tab on the left (SDK/API) will this work as a plugin? Or will i have to purchase software from the website? I tried downloading the SDK/API but it did not work, what am i doing wrong?
All i want is good high quality video?
If someone understands what i am on about i will appreciatethere help.


When i download the SDK/API it doesnt work it just says : (unexpected file format)… I am currently running Nero express. Do i need to update/upgrade my nero or does the SDK/API have nothing to do with the Super Video CD (SVCD). Do i need to purchase software from the website?


Hi jayss_one,

you’ll need either a “Nero Retail” version or your “Express” version AND the DVD/MPEG2 Plugin, which can be ordered on the website.
MPEG2 encoding ist not free and Ahead has to pay a license fee for it.


thanks alot appreciated.