Super VHS tapes to dvd's conversion?

I have a lot of SVHS tapes I need to convert to DVD’s. If the tapes were regular vhs’s, I could get a stand alone vhs to dvd recorder, but will they convert SVHS? I have used Pennacle studio in the past but its very time consuming. The SVHS tapes are of my kids when they were small; I’ve since replaced the bulky camcorder with a minidv. Does any one have a suggestion on the best software or product for this. I’ve done a search and can’t come up with anything. Thanks in advance

I just use an SVHS VCR and output to DVD set-top recorder via S-Video connect. A standard VCR will output in lower resolution, assuming it will read an SVHS tape at all. (some do, some don’t)

Unless you have a high-quality capture card in your PC, I’d avoid trying to capture and get a set-top recorder. At least you can use the recorder for other things, unlike the capture card. You can still take the recorded DVD’s and re-author or edit on your PC for re-burning.

CDan: I don’t have room on my Dell 1800 for another pci card so I’ll have to opt for a stand-alone set. Where can I find a set with S-Video connections? Retail stores are few around here that carry the recorders so maybe I can check on line (but where?) Thanks

I haven’t seen one yet that lacks an S-video input. I like the Panasonic ES-15 or ES-25, depending on which of the extras you like. You can usually find them on sale somewhere.