Super Talent announces SSDs for extreme conditions



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Super Talent Technology today announced the DuraDrive ZT3. The entire DuraDrive series, including the ZT3, offer enhanced durability, reliability, and performance in environments that require tougher devices than a standard drive.

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Super talent has had SSDs for some time now, this is the one I want , its 2 TBs and fast, very fast.


Yes, Super Talent has been around for a while in the SSD market. I would definitely like to play with some of their latest drives a bit. It seems they have come a long way in development.

A while back I encountered drives from Super Talent every now and again, but it was mostly the smaller low cost ones. I was working with servers at the time, and for enterprise environments like that they were not suited and failed too often. We had to move away from those at the time, but like I said, it would be fun to see what the current status quo is.