Super Slow Burning

I’m using Nero 7 and dvd shrink 3.2.
The first two movies I burned took 30 minutes, start to finish. :frowning:
Since that second movie, It takesover an hour to save the movie to hard drive and almost 2 hours to burn it. I’ve tried changing the burn speed (4x to 16x) - no difference. Rebooted my pc - no difference. A friend told me that some movies will install something on your computer that slows the burning time down but being new to the burning thing, I’m not sure what I’d be looking for or how to remove it.
Anyone??? :confused:
Also, My Nero Burning ROM suddenly won’t work. Hubby wasn’t aware of copy protection and tried to “copy” a protected DVD using ROM. Now every time I try and open it, it says “there’s been a problem with Nero.exe. Nero will now close”. I’d like to know how to get my Burning ROM working again. I’ve tried uninstalling Nero and reinstalling it, but it still doesn’t work.

May be the source disc is dirty.Try reinstalling Windows.Personally I think you should use some other burning software like dvd decrypter for dvd backup.
I suggest that you follow this site to learn dvd burning and backup.

Make sure:

  1. You do have enough free space in your hard drive
  2. Check to see if your writer is in DMA position not PIO
  3. Try to defrag your hard drive
  4. Try to do clean disc and delete the temp files in your hard drive
  5. if all these did not solve the problem try to restore your Windows registry to month back.