Super Slow Burning With LG Portable GP808 lite?

Well Ive been burning DVD+R DLs for the past 4 days…They take about 3 HOURS!? they should be taking 40 min even at slow 2.4x speed. They’re burning it 0.5x speed? Anyone know how to fix this?

My Drive is portable not SATA so i dont know about that DMA stuff i can figure that out for a usb burner.

any ideas?

Hi ksgries and welcome.
You can test the burst rate using nero dvd speed, also maybe are you sure that the drive get enough power from the usb ports?

should i try plugging it directly into my computer? rite now its plugged into a multi-port usb dock.

Yes, i dont think that the drive get the power that it needs from a multi-port usb dock.