Super noob

Hi every1
Well I’m new to this forum & need help backing up some of my pc games!!
i have a Liteon SHW 160P6S & a BenQ DW1655 i own Nero 6.6, Anydvd, 1ClickDVD Copy Pro, CloneDVD2, CloneCD, & VSO copytoDVD
i think im going to use AnyDVD and CloneCD to backup my games
i just downloaded CloneCD 4 profiles & now im stump I dont know what to do
i trying to back up "Konami Collector’s Series Castlevania & Contra"PC CD-ROM,F.E.A.R. PC CD-ROM & FIFA 07 PC CD-ROM.
Can any1 please help!!1 :sad: I’ve ruin 6 cd’s already.

i have to say backing up DVD movies is a lot easier :bow:

FYI anydvd is primarly for backup up DVD movies you own not the latest games as those protection can’t be bypassed by slysoft as of this time yet. Also what version of slysoft software you have, that will help the forum users better address the problem your having. Also do your hardware have firmware updates currently? Oh yea your clonecd 4 is old they have now clonecd 5 if I remember right and those should have the profiles listed in them without having to download them.

Scan your installation folder using ProtectionID and tell us the protection used on your listed games including version. Did you already patch them after installtion and if yes which game and which patch version?

ok sorry i took so long to reply

Well I have CloneCD
No, I haven’t tried ProtectionID like I said Im a Noob I’ll give it a try when i get home tomorrow.
How do I bypass the securities once I find out they are??? :doh:
PS all of my hardware firmwares are up to date
thank you Allroy :a

Depends on the used protection.

well im back i also have Virtual CloneDrive 5145
i’ve tried to upload FEAR’s img i got from CloneCD5301 onto Virtual CloneDrive5145
but it didn’t work is Virtual CloneDrive good or should i get rid of it and use something like DAEMON Tools??
and where can i get clonecd5 profiles if any exist

CD or DVD version?

I have a cd-rom of FEAR i just downloaded ProtectionID v5.2b and it said
FEAR SecurROM 7.11.009 and ihavent installed it yet so iit will be patched
hope this helps u help ME than ks Allroy

ps let me know what other programs I need 2 make this work
I have
Virtual CloneDrive5145
ProtectionID v5.2b
Nero 6.6
1ClickDVD Copy Pro 2316
CloneDVD2 2903
AnyDVD 6107
Liteon SHW 160P6 PS0B
BenQ DW1655 BCIB

I also check Rise of Nations Gold Edition & it Uses SmartE how do i bypass these protections

Using CloneCD you can use this method for a backup of fear.
For Rise of Nations the search function will be a lot of help use the keywords [I]rise nations[/I].