Super Newbie here!

Burning CDs isn’t too complex, and I imagine DVDs aren’t either once you know what you’re doing, but today is my 1st day and I am looking for some tips.

Here is what I have to work with so far:

NEC 3520a DVD/CD

Nero Software installed

DVD Decrypter - just installed, not quite sure how to use yet

DVD Rebuilder - not installed yet

When I first installed Nero, I thought it would be as easy as just clicking the copy entire disc button and I’m done. Of course the copy protection kicked in and stopped me dead in my tracks.

So after a tiny bit of reading, it looks like I’ll have to burn an image to my HDD first, then burn the DVD. I’m not sure what DVD Rebuilder does. I imagine it is something to make the HDD image into what I’ll need to have Nero burn the disc?

The 2 movies I want to burn seem to both have over 6 gigs of info on them. I guess I’ll have to sacrifice some stuff to make the files smaller since my media only holds 4.7 Gigs. I clicked the main IFO and VOB files only using DVD Decrypter, hopefully that will do the trick. Is there any way to see what the VOB files are? Like can I know which part of the movie that file is?

Anyone got any basic tips or corrections they can help me out with? I expect I will make a few coasters before I learn what’s up, but I’d much rather not :slight_smile:


The Vob files are the main movie files, it included main movie, audio, subtitles
for example.
Dvd rebuilder it’s an encoder which shrinks your dvd to dvd-5.
I never tested it yet, but I heard about only nice comments.
But why don’t you use Dvd Shrink it’s freeware, easy to handle with, and has a very
good quality! And if you want to see different parts of the movie the easiest way
would be you put the whole movie on your hdd, then use Dvd Shrink to see what you
like to have on your dvd for example making ofs etc.! :slight_smile:

DVD Rebuilder is not a encoder. It is a program like Shrink but uses Encoders to do the work.

I wouldn’t get into DVD Rebuilder on your first day. Use DVD Shrink 3.2 and you get much quicker results. You can then use DVD Decrypter or Nero to burn the DVD’s.

Do your first few tests with a DVD-RW or DVD+RW.

DVD-Rebuilder is a prog written for or based on to use an encoder.
That’s what I mean exactly!

I agree that DVd-rebuilder may be a bit much to start out with. Encodes take forever (and then forever again and again if you want to change quality settings). It does come with a couple of decent encoders though, so no need to run out and spend $2k on a top of the line encoder. The ones it comes with still do a nicer job than the majority of transcoders out there.

You may want to try DVDshrink or a trial of CloneDVD to get some of the basics down though at first. Rip the DVD with DVDdecrypter in file mode and then run that output through shrink or Clonedvd.

You guys are absolutely right.

I ended up using DVD Shrink and I’ve burned my first backup. It played great when I tested it in my living room.

Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.

Big Monkey,
Now that you know how to use DVD Shrink, you’ll see that the quality you achieve depends a lot on how big the original DVD was. Some DVDs have very large animated menus which take much too much space on the disc and compromize the results you get out of DVD Shrink. One very simple solution in such cases is to turn the animated menus into tiny still menus using MenuShrink. It’s very easy to use, rip your DVD in file mode, drag and drop 1 of the DVD files (or the entire folder) on MenuShrink, then click process. You can check your results in your favorite DVD player, then click DVD Shrink to run it on the output. It’s not uncommon to reduce the size of your menus from several hundreds of MB into a few tens and DVD Shrink then can make use of the additional space to better transcode your movie…

Awesome. Just DL it, thanks!