Super Multi non existant



i was able to burn dvd and look at stuff on my super multi, i sent it in because i could not burn cds. When i got it back i can not burn dvds or even explore dvd cds i have. It is like the drive is non existant! wtf do i do, i’m getting so frustrated with this drive. It has been nothing but problems.


Look at my thread above. Greesing the rails fixed my reading and writing problems on the LG 4081B, possibly same issue here. I dont think its an LG problem, its something that should be done ONCE out of warranty. I guess LG doesnt put enough greese, I put some white greese (high heat resistant) on the rails (i mean alot more then usual I guess) and so far the drive is dame quiet, really quick (not as quick as my benq 1620pro) but much better then before :slight_smile:

give it a try if your burners out of warranty.


Send it again but request for a replacement with a latest model.


It’s wierd, the drive douse not even exist on my computer and yet it is their fisically. I can open and close it but the computer only recognizes my Creative drive not the LG like it did before.
BTW when i sent it away, i just gave it to a person i know who is head of IT department of a big company. He installed it aswel


unplug the IDE cable from the Creative drive and doublecheck that everythign looks good on the LG drive (like the cables are connected firmly).


The problem could be at your configuration.
This is very common.