Super Multi-Drive GSA-4166B with LightScribe



The first super multi drive with lightscribe will be the 4166.
Not the 4167 and not the 4168 as supposed by many…


but what is the difference between the GSA-4165B and the GSA-4167B models apart from wieght and depth?


According to the LG site :

  • Enhanced the write speed of DVD+R DL and CD-RW from GSA-4165B
  • Shortening the depth by 15mm enabling easier implementation

-------------GSA 4165B----GSA 4167B

[CD-R]…40x ZCLV => 48x ZCLV
[DVD+R DL]…4X CLV ===> 6X ZCLV

No improvement in DVD-R DL at the moment…


Apart from a few number of people, Hitachi-LG keeps announcing models that average people cann’t find in the shops (at least in Europe - and except the e-business that announce goods but not delivery dates…).
It’s becoming rather confusing as NEC is already supposed to bring a 16x DVD-RAM drive and LG with all these models still keeps 5x as its top speed.


4165B does 48x CDR (confirmed with my drive)
Also the 4165B might be able to burn @ 6x +R DL with MKM media (Mitsubishi ?) according to Ala42’s work with the Firmware.
So the drives may be identical at worst the 4165B will do just 4x +R DL no biggy.

So were going to have 4 drives with nearly all the same specs only difference being 2 of them have lightscribe.


And no LightScribe.

Finally a drive with DVD-RAM and LightScribe support. :clap:


I’m not interested in Lightscribe or I would have a Benq drive.
I’m happy with my 4165B, it was a bonus for me as I ordered and paid for the 4163B :slight_smile:
Now I have the luxury of -R DL as well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


MKM001 is Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4X (a brand of Mitsubishi K.M.) that many burners can burn @6X or 8X now with less or more accuracy.

For LG, do the firmware updates change the drive name ? (I’m thinking of something as an official crossflashing : BenQ 1600 with no DL -> 1620Pro with 4X DVD+R DL).


But I’m and I’m interested in DVD-RAM, so this is the drive I’ve been waiting for. :iagree:


Mostly less…


Nor can any of the new models be found in the US…in shops or online. Its Asia/Oceania only for now.