Super fast convertor software

Hi guys!! I’ve been reading around quite abit about buring softwares n all.
One problem that I do realise though is the speed of converting avi files. Are there any other faster programs to convert these files?

I tried to burn some shows into my dvdrw as well… but it failed… sigh.

In my experience they are all painfully slow but a lot will depend on the speed of your CPU. I use Nero and leave the PC running overnight.

If I’m doing a TV show to VCD/SVCD which I watch & lose then I use Tmpgenc which takes 40-50mins.

Speed > Quality
Get a faster computer…

Mainconcept is pretty fast, AND has good quality. But it costs money.

Lots of people really like VSO divxtoDVD, and it’s free. Maybe give that a try?

Oic… thanks ppl.
I think i am using quite a fast pc. I’m using an AMD64 with 512 ram n 120Gb hard disk with a LG1467B.

I know to some experts… they may think my pc just normal/ maybe lousy… but it’s all i can afford. It should be fast enough rite?

Re-encoding is a time-consuming process.

Your system is fine although an additional HD would help as the I/O load could be split.

As I posted I use Tmpgenc for VCD/SVCD but for movies I use DVD2SVCD, which some people find too complicated but it isn’t really.
It comes with a front end (D2SRoba) & a freeware encoder. I use Cinema Craft Encoder SP 2.5 (CCE) with it.
The D2SRoba front end enables quality DVDs to be produced quite quickly by sampling so that rather than CCE doing 4+ full passes to get high quality it only does a few quick samples (takes maybe 10-15mins) & then 1 full pass. Total time on my XP2800 would be about 4 hours.

Hi Guys… quick question…
Have u tried burning a show on a dvdrw? (creat a dvd disk playable on the dvd player)
Did u succeed?

Yes all the time.

If it’s a TV series of less than an hour (24, Lost, West Wing etc) I go the route of VCD/SVCD & burn to a CD-RW as the video file would be less than 800mb.

You need decent quality RW media though. Currently I’m using Verbatim 8-12x CD-RW & 4x DVD+RW & these seem fine.