Super dvd ripper... again

ok, so i have super dvd ripper and i copy and pasted some movies to my hard drive.

The movies work fine on their own, but when i try to rip the VOB files to the ripper, one of two things happens:

A: it hangs on the title menus (which i have no interest in keeping, anyways) and says something about something (sorry i cant remember)

and B: i get the movies ripped, but 20 mins here, 20 mins there… and it doesn’t make any coherent sense. i think i’ll need editing software now…

any takers?


Try a different decryption/ripping program. DVDFab HD Decrypter is free and will rip to the hard drive as files or as an ISO. It is also one of the few still being updated to deal with newer encryption schemes.
Found here:

Once you have them on the hard drive, what are you trying to do with them? You can reduce them in size to fit a dvdr and/or remove parts you don’t want with DVDShrink. (another free program). You can download Shrink from There are also many, many different guides for using it. Some are here at cdfreaks in the copy dvd forum, some at mrbass and at among other sites.

It sounds like you are playing the individual vob files, instead of the entire movie when you only get 20 min intervals. Are the vob files in a folder called Video_TS? Any software that is designed for playing dvds will look for this folder.