Super DVD Creator 8.5 - color problem

I used the the Video Disc Creator option to convert an AVI film into a video DVD playable on a home dvd player. The burnt DVD plays well on a pc, with color, using PowerDVD. When I try to play it on the the brand new home player, the film is displayed in black and white.

I specified PAL and not NTSC because I live in Europe, so the problem is not there.

Then it hasn’t worked.

What is the fps actually?

It’s around 40 because I requested picture quality as opposed to speed.

After investigating the subject further, it may be an encoding problem. Consequently, there are several avenues I could follow :

  1. use Super DVD creator to create MPEG-2 files, then burn using Video Disc Burn or Nero
  2. use AVI2DVD with the HC encoder
  3. use TMPGenc as suggested
    Which would yield the best color quality and resolution?

fps 40, wot??

25 for PAL, approx. 30 for NTSC.

I have no control over the frame rate in Super DVD Creator 8.5. During the process, it does vary between 25 and 40-45, but most of the time it’s between 35 and 40.

I used the automatic process all the way, from the reading of the AVI file to the burning of the DVD. Same problem. The Help section indicates that “The Video Disc Creator converts the source file to the MPEG1/2 format and then burns the Mpeg file to video disc so that you can play the movies on your home DVD Player”. There is no mention of an encoder.

  1. Has anybody used this software successfully?
  2. At what point in time does an encoder intervene in this type of process?

I succeeded in burning an adequate DVD by using Boilsoft AVI to DVD Converter. It uses its own encoder.

I can’t understand how a product such as Super DVD Creator can reach a version as high as 8.5 with this drawback.