Super Difficult Problem,anyone could help me

Hi! everybody.
I’m chinese.
My English is not well.Sorry for this.
I just want to know which software can edit the firmware(620KB,bin file) of a DVD recordable? :confused:
Such as change the MAX speed of writing,change the ID of the DVD RW and so on…

Does anybody know?

thank you very much!!!

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you can only, if your writer allows it, burn on the speed that the media allows you too

media=dvd or cd

you can’t speed it up. Bad dvd’s will allow lower speeds.

Thanks for the reply, damiandimitri :slight_smile:

But I want to know which software can easily edit the firmware (Bin file) such as a hacked firmware ?

I can’t find one software that can successfully edit the writing parameter of the firmware (e.g:MTK chipest 32X OC 48X,and so on…)

Thanks again!!!

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you need a hexeditor. Try β€œgoogle” there are some free ones.
Never used one myself

Thank you very much!!

I have already download it.

But it seems that this kind of software can only change the ID of the device?

It is said that to edit the parameter of writing performance,a homologous chipest decoder must be used.

sorry, i am not an expert on this kind of stuff…

What drive are you using?
If it’s a LiteOn DVD burner take a look at this.