Super Bowl XL recording

Can anybody direct me to a site where I can purchase a full recording (not highlights) of Super Bowl XL?

why not try…here first and see if thats what you wanted

geeze…google it when you want something

I can’t see why anyone would want a tape of the “Super Bowl”. In short, it sucked.

yeah really. it was an episode of the wwe…

Why would you want to watch this SuperBowl, the referee’s total botched this game.

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I’ve tried to tell people that on other forums…but they just yell at me and say “Steelers won fair and square…your just a stupid Seattle person…quiet (spelled that way) crying and grow some balls” :a :a some people just don’t get it…just another reason this site is the best :bow:

Then those people are not being openminded. Wrong calls can dramatically change momentum.

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Oh Canada!!!..someone finally gets it :clap: :clap: :clap:

football sux balls!

No…you suck :a j/k :wink: