Super Bowl: At home in HD or in the stands?

I just posted the article Super Bowl: At home in HD or in the stands?.

It’s no secret that as TVs become prettier and broadcast technology improves, the ever-increasing price of tickets becomes harder to justify. That’s why sports officials are trying to come up with…

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If the superbowl was in my hometown and all I had to pay was face value, I’d go to the stadium. The energy of a big sports even still can’t be duplicated in HD. I have an HDTV but i still go to a few hockey games every year, but tickets are expensive so I don’t go as much as I used to. All the good tickets go to the rich people who can afford seasons tickets. Maybe I should stay home :slight_smile:

Keep yer eye peeled for the Miller beer 1 second SuperBowl commercial!!

Check out the ones that did not make the cut here! This is pure genius!!

I prefer to go to the super bowl then watch it at home any day!!

I think most people would prefer to go to the Super Bowl in person if they weren’t considering costs. Keep in mind people that the Super Bowl tickets cost $500 per person MINIMUM. With that said, I would probably rather watch the game in high definition in my living room, where I also wouldn’t have to deal with the crowds, traffic, the crappy food & beer that costs 10x normal price and other annoyances found at mass scale stadiums.

It cost almost as much to watch it here :frowning: Only 1 damn small channel air it. And it cost a fortune at the most expensive TV package one can get. I hope it will be sent over the internet so we can watch it online. As i don’t play to sign up for a huge tv package.

"Super Bowl tickets cost $500 per person MINIMUM."
Chicken feed to a Blu-ray Freak. You must have money to burn!! You know you want some of them 10 dollar hot dogs! I bet a beer is 10 dollars as well…

$500 IF you happened to win some in the NFL lottery drawing. If you have to buy them from a broker, it will easily be 4 times that (and upwards from there.).

Use the money for a 60" plasma!:smiley:

I am visiting/living in Germany at the moment, I wont get the choice for either!!! I will download it a couple of hours later. I at least have it all hooked up for HD from computer to my 32"

If it was my team I would definitely rather go to the staduim because of the live energy. Thats like asking if you would rather see a concert live or at home

The game was broadcast by NBC, free over the air. All you need is an antenna and a TV. Where do you live that there’s no NBC affiliate?

I would rather save my money, $500+, and do something more useful with it than to blow it for 3 and half hours of football that will come and go.

The major issue nowadays with sports is that it cost a fortune to take a family to a ball game. If I want to get tickets for the NFL team where I live, the tickets are at least $50 for nose-bleed seats. Just taking my wife for instance, I can drop probably nearly $150 on a game. To buy a PSL, it is even more outrageous and can set you back several thousand dollars for a seat up in the nose-bleed section.

Until the public objects to these atheletes getting paid several million dollars just to play football or other sports, the prices are going to keep going up as they want more and more. Besides, the money the NFL makes off advertising should be enough to keep seat prices low, $206 million on Super Bowl alone, but as you can see that isn’t the case. They are just as greedy as some of these other electronic companies you guys say are greedy little bastards.

Assuming I actually got decent seats to the Super Bowl, and I care about at least one of the teams playing, I’d love to go to the game live. The atmosphere in a stadium is so much different than watching it at home, though both obviously have pros and cons.

At home I have lots of pizza and beer, and the only drunken idiots are my friends, so I don’t want to throw them threw the window! It’s also nice to have multiple camera angles, instant replay, and commentary from the announcers.