Super blood moon



Well the eclipse came and my wife got me outside to see it but the world did not come to its end as people had said. I did noticed that dogs in all directions was barking.


For once, I was in an area with thick cloud coverage, so I had to view live streams from NASA & other organizations. It was quite pretty, regardless.


[QUOTE=samlar;2761252]… I did noticed that dogs in all directions was barking.[/QUOTE]

Probably because all those people were out in their yards…


They were showing on the Sunday night NFL game coverage. :slight_smile:


Got a few pics right around 8pm here when I finally figured out where in my sky it was. Don’t have a tripod so set the ISO as high as I could and put the camera on a pillow.
Got a few OK shots but wish I found it lower in the sky and bigger. It was starting to eclipse but you could still see everything and the red was cool. This morning it was hanging there huge in the western sky as I drove to work so I got a crappy cell phone shot with my S3 when I got to work.