Super azo's

Can someone please!!! tell me where to get some of these in the USA.

this is the older CDR from Verbatim, Deep purple Azo dye. they disappeared long ago

Well thanks 4 answering the dumbass question then

Fuji CD-Rs that are Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden or Maxell CD-R Pro disks with hardcoat protection that are also Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden are more than adequate quality substitutes. To top it off, they’re a better value price wise than the Verbs ever were.

Verbatim 94797 52X CD-R media 80min 700MB Shiny Silver 100 Pack Spindle Retail at ZipZoomfly

I would stay away from Verb CD-R’s AZO or any of them.

Use Tayio Yuden CD-R’s for the same price. They burn a lot cleaner/nicer.

are these CD-R good ? Taiyo Yuden CD-R 80, 52X, 100-Pack

I’ve been getting mine at Sam’s Club. They have Maxell brand and they have been Made In Japan.

Wally World might even have MIJ Maxell’s.

[QUOTE=achemen;1916206]are these CD-R good ? Taiyo Yuden CD-R 80, 52X, 100-Pack[/QUOTE]

Yo achemen-

'Bout the best you can buy - however - check out your local K-Mart and see if they have Fuji CD-R’s made in Japan - then they will be the same Taiyo Yudens at a much lower price (got mine for $6.99 for 50 cakebox)-eh!!:iagree: