Super audio cd

is there anyway that i can make 1:1 copy of a super audio cd? sorry if someone else had already asked this.

No way, there is not even a computer drive that plays back these discs…

Well I think it depends. Looking at this web site it states that if it’s a hybrid SA-CD then it can play in car stereos etc, so you should be able to rip it on a PC. But I’m don’t think that’s what you’re asking.

yeh, but if it’s a hybrid one you only rip the “normal cd” - with “low” quality and just stereo - ripping the SACD, with all it’s features such as multi-channel and so on is not possible

Hi vroom,

actually it is a quite common question (with negative answer). A recent thread about SACD and DVD-A is here.

Hint: use the [cdfsearch=sacd copy]search[/cdfsearch] function, it is very useful!

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ok thank’s :slight_smile:

but i also find this, has anyone any idea if it works (besides the author)?
btw i dont have the “M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 soundcard” so it’s not possible to try, all these.


Sounds like complete nonsense to me. This guy just made an analog copy of the SACD and claims it sounds better than the original :doh: