Sunwood SW-066DVX - Looking for firmware



I recently bought this Sunwood player, and the manual states it’s firmware upgradable. But I can’t find any url in the manual or on the box, so I have no idea where to go for new firmware.
Some google searches only got me to firmware links for other Sunwood models, but nothing for my player.

It’s a great DVD and DivX/Xvid player (also plays qpel and GMC!), it just has a few drawbacks… Like subs that are cut if the sentences are too long and the font for .srt subs is too small. Both these problems could be easily fixed with firmware.

If anyone knows the official site for Sunwood, please let me know :slight_smile: Thanks.


I’m not sure you’ll find an update there but I think I found the importer of the Sunwood brand is a French company called Tokai. This is the only link I have found for this product after quite some looking around. I was looking for some information after I saw the player at Carrefour yesterday. I would like to know if you would recommend it to me as I’m looking for a player that can handle as many MPEG-4 type of files as possible.

Hope this will help.


Sorry to say I looked at the support section of Tokai and they only have firmware upgrades for the SW055 models…
I guess whenever upgrades become available for the SW 066 this will still be the first place to find them.
Perhaps you may want to contact them to see if they can connect you with the people from Sunwood directly…